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  • Sublimation Enamel Cup 10oz
  • Sublimation Enamel Cup 10oz
  • Sublimation Enamel Cup 10oz

Sublimation Enamel Cup 10oz

product description

Sublimation Enamel Cup 10oz

Size: Φ8.8cm*H7.9cm

Packing : 48pcs/box

Weight: 10kg/box

You can personalized any image or text on it by mug heat press machine,with sublimation ink and sublimation paper

It perfect for gift , adverting ,promotion or own using,and you could keep a memorable recollection close at hand.

Sublimation Printing Process:

1.Get photo from digital camera,memory card or scanner;

2.Print photo with sublimation paper and sublimation ink;

3.Stick the photo paper on white printing side by heat resistant tape;

4.Use mug heat press machine to transfer the image onto this sublimation mug;

5.After transfer,tear off the photo paper;

6.Enjoy your personal designed sublimation mug.

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